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and the story begins...

Monday, March 01, 2010

first day of uni life kick started with lectures. no ice breaking session. no fun. argh...
say bye bye to laziness and welcome hectic life.soon.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

well, happy birthday to myself. i'm anticipating to know what's coming up in a few hours later. hehe...

ps: i'm forever 18! XD n counting down to my next birthday......
364 days =.=

Thursday, January 28, 2010

honestly, now that i look back and reconsider the decision i've made, i wonder if i made the right choice. the environment at nilai is ulu (no doubt) but yet so people-friendly. come to think of it, if i were to choose other universities instead of monash, my parents will be less burdened. why IMU has only one july intake for my course?!!! >.<
it might be a little too late to say this now as i've already paid the initial fees and booked a room at PJS9 sunway...
hope everything turns out well when i am there. a bit sien of making new friends and start everything all over again. after high school ended, yes. i couldnt wait to meet new people and enjoy my college life at inti. now? i don't know. people who are so close to me are not there for me whenever i need them anymore. =(

this is just another emo post...

Friday, January 15, 2010

i forgot to mention...
i am on my way in achieving my dreams!!!

monash, here i come!
new life in university might not be as great or awesome as to the college life in inti back then. without the presence of my love ones i hope i can adapt to the new environment and enjoy my university life there.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

i am certain that my blog has no readership anymore but never mind. i know that in 10years time and when i feel old i will read everything in my blog again to get a boost of feeling young. after 5days of working part time, i have to say, yes, money is hard to earn indeed. every single minute during work seems like years to me. and when i am having my break, it's just a blink of an eye. for all i know i was out to explore while munching on something, the next second the break time was already over. when i had nothing to do during work, i people watch. it's something fun though. looking at how people dress themselves up, how people communicate with their partner, how they walk, how they manage to go shopping and have bags of goods in their hands during non sales period...

21things i realised during work:
1. about 80% of girls wear make up to mall
2. 50% of them line their eyes
3. 50% wear heels, 25% wear flats, 10% wear sandals, 10% wear flip flops, 5% wear others like sneakers, sport shoes, etc...
4. i see around 10 LVs a day. but only 1 or 2 is authentic LV. i secretly wish for one too =( never mind, i get my first coach bag first before proceeding to higher ranking LV
5. some girls can spend almost an hour in the shop i work. crazier than me!
6. 70% of boyfriends accompany their girlfriends into the shop and give comments, 30% stay outside because it's an accessories shop so, non of their business!
7. i meet weird customers everyday
8. 60% of boyfriends put their hand on their girlfriends' waist, 35% hold hands, 5% others
9. 70% of girls have their hair coloured
10. 80% of females who go into the shop will go out with something (plastic) in their hands
11. people can shop in the shop i work as early as 10am
12. this shop is like a pit-stop for every females
13. around 5 customers in a minutes' time
14. i see people who has the same fashion taste. ok i kinda know they all shop from bugis,sg
15. i wonder why so many people buy shoes from Emax. coz it's cheap? i want to go and have a look too. please tell me where it is!!!
16. i keep thinking about going to school, be with my friends... i hate work
17. i miss the goyang-kaki time at home. i want to rot
18. i crave for food (fries from mcd, pretzel from auntie anne's, chocolate bread from seasons, bubble tea from cool blog, jco donuts, starbucks, rice burger from summer......
19. the people who invented chair is so awesome. standing the whole day kills me
20. i feel like wanting to shop, shop, shop so much during work. where did they get their shoes from? where did they get their tops from? where did they...
21. the more i miss that someone whenever i see couples hanging around T.T

happy 19th to CALly my superSTAR. hope you had a good time. BFF!


Sunday, December 27, 2009

i should learn to start to deal with imperfections and disappointments...

Saturday, December 26, 2009

sometimes i don't want to fall asleep because reality is finally better than my dreams...
I will always cherish
Our nights in faraway land INTI, under the moonlight...

happy birthday to you.
my ♥